Ramon van der Hejiden is an architect with a strong emphasis on computational design. He studied Architecture and Design and Decision Support Systems at Eindhoven University of Technology. He has worked as an Architect at UNStudio Amsterdam and he’s currently working as a computational design specialist at Front Inc. New York and Hong Kong. Ramon has specialized in the generation of large, data rich building models, which has led him to author the Elefront add-in for Grasshopper. Ramon has hosted numerous workshops for his employers. He has taught computational design at Eindhoven University of Technology and hosted seminars on Elefront at Chinese University Hong Kong and Hong Kong University as well as tutoring for the M.Arch II program at HKU. A long time robotics aficionado Ramon has built and flown his own radio controlled UAV:s for years. At the SmartGeometry 2014 workshop held at Chinese University of Hong Kong he co-directed the cluster HK_SmarTowers focusing on UAV photography and environmental data acquisition, mesh reconstruction from photos and physical to digital data mapping.