Ben Warwas got his start in Berkeley CA in 1974. He spent his youth participating in the beginning of street skateboarding to the sounds of the punk scene maturing Gilman St.  It was here that he began his vision of infusing many mediums into one body of work.  In the same way skateboarding experiences the urban landscape, Ben works in a variety of mediums including film, fashion, architecture and sculpture.  Focusing less on a specific medium and more on what is appropriate for the project at hand.  He has worked with bands on the outfits they wear on Tour, in order to take the audio experience into the visual realm.  The outfits for Le Tigre were and attempt to create a wearable visual representation of a feminist parade.  In his experimental shorts, he questions reality and the accepted tropes of storytelling through unconventional editing and sequencing.  His sculptures like to remind the viewer that the walls do not necessarily delineate interior space.  The graphic murals he paints bend the walls into alternate realities of false depth and infinite patterns.  Each work becomes a kind of foreign object that questions its environment.  Ben then labels these works with titles such as “we met online” and forcing us to come to terms with our rapidly changing world.  Ben received his B.A. in fashion design from Massachusetts College for Art and his Masters of Architecture at SCI-Arc.  He is presently on the faculty at Pasadena City College Architecture Department. He recently showed “Not Land Art” a large scale drawing using fabric over land in the Maiden LA show in Los Angeles.