AAVS Post-Industrial Landscapes 2.0
Lands End / Exodus into the Augmented Now

July 14th – July 23rd 2014
San Francisco, USA

Tobias Klein

Tobias Klein works in the fields of Architecture, Art, Design and interactive Media Installation. His work generates a syncretism of contemporary CAD/CAM technologies with site and culturally specific design narratives, intuitive non-linear design processes, and historical cultural references.

Before joining City University Hong Kong in the role as interdisciplinary Assistant Professor in the School of Creative Media and the architectural department, he was the Unit Master of the Diploma 1 Studio at the Architectural Associ¬ation in London and ran a Media Studies class at the AA 2006-2014. He has lectured and given workshops internationally (Madrid, Spain – Lund, Sweden – Berlin,Germany – TU Munich, Germany …) and was an invited critic at Ecole Spé¬ciale d’Architecture – Paris, The Bartlett, Cambridge, Brighton University, Oxford Brookes, London Southbank, Greenwich and Nottingham to name a few in¬stances. He became an appointed Guest Professor at the TU Innsbruck; Stu¬dio 3, Institute for experimental architecture in 2010-12 and lectured at the Royal College of Art, (2007-2010).

The resulting works of his studio are exhibited international with examples being in the collection of the Antwerp Fashion Museum, the London Science Museum, the V&A, the Bellevue Arts Museum, Museum of Moscow and Vancouver. He is lecturing and published internationally with most recent articles focusing on the translation from craftsmanship to digital manufacturing.