AAVS Post-Industrial Landscapes 4.0
Electric Dreams & Sugar Coated Realities

July 11th – July 21st 2016
Hong Kong, China

SUGAR is sexy, superbly successful, stimulating, sweet and synonymous for a society of hyper consumption and addiction to instant gratification on all levels of life. It is as well the starting point for this year’s AA Visiting School Hong Kong as we will be working closely with the maker of actual and virtual sweet dreams. From the simple extraction and refining of fructose into sugar in the beginning of the 19th century to the largest bottling plants for Coca Cola – the once sugar producing, now property tycoon company Taikoo / Swire is our starting point.

Our site is speculative – narrative and at the same time real. It critically examines our cities as they now exist in a self-referencing bubble of consumption, coated in entertainment and wrapped in a digital infrastructure. We live in a new electronically permeated, augmented and mediated landscape, framed by biological addiction, mental hyper-activity and electronic stimuli. We allow and enjoy continuous stimulation of our optic nerves through a myriad of optical devices, immersing ourselves in the likes of Oculus, Virtual Reality and Augmentation. We experience and see daily more unbuilt virtual space than actual architectural physical environment. We consume not only electronically, but physically more than ever before in human history. We are sugar addicted in digital, physical and biological form.

Our mission is to develop a series of models that fully indulge consumptions and exuberance virtually and actually. At the same time we propose through the design of architectural interfaces a critical statement and joyous exploration of SUGAR. The AA Visiting School this year will develop, together with the participants, strategies in the cross–disciplinary fields of Architecture, Computer Science, Art, Engineering and Interactive Design.

In short – we will work with SUGAR!