AAVS Post-Industrial Landscapes 5.0
Fabric(ated) Landscapes

March 10th – March 20th // Spring 2017
Arlington, Texas


2017 and still everything is still bigger in Texas. From Marfa to the rolling hills of Austin to plains of the northeast, Texas is a land vast and diverse. This is a land of petro-chemical, longhorns, cowboys, SXSW, and a breeding ground for something new. Imagine a Texas where photochromic pigments cloud our vision and electrical micro-charges are sticking with iridescent changes to our skin. Welcome to a possible future, where the smell of large fields of shape memory alloys continuously opening and closing their delicate leaves to the natural rhythm of sun patterns and heat development, and the taste of conductive ink among the sweat of the oil platform becomes reality. Once fueled by energy consumption, what better place than this to re-write history. And so we turn to smart materials and their use in our post-industrialised landscape.

Undoubtedly we live in the peak of electronic information. Surrounded by thousands of glittering monitors, screens and displays, we stand in the middle of information, projected by myriads of light emission diodes, pumping electrons onto glass encased Matrixes – our entertainment and information display is the last behemoth to withstand smarter evolution – it is to change! We aim to shift this enslavement from the pixel and allow control to be given to the biomimicry of natural systems on the equilibrium of chemical energy states.

This workshop aims to stimulate material experiment through innovation in combination with construction and critical re-articulation. We will work within a paradise of innovation, surrounded by programmable UAVs, robotic arms, laser cutters, and 3D printers. Our site is the landscape of Micro and Macro and its translation into a new skin of the Earth